Are you away from us?

We, as CafeBride, want to give you brief information about the order system that we develop especially for the foreign customers who are not able to visit us in our showroom in Istanbul.


Getting the right size is a must in our bridal orders and the target of manufacturing faultless products in finest quality is very valuable and important for us. Therefore the system that we develop about size measurement will be very useful for you; for customers who unfortunately cannot able to come to Istanbul but wants to give distance order. And more importantly this step towards improving our valued customer satisfaction will allow us to demonstrate our difference once more.


Before starting production of bridal model, a form to be filled and the rules that must be taken in consideration while size measurement will be sent to you with e-mail. For troubleshooting while filling this form or if desired, a video which shows how to measure size can be shared.


Before starting production process, we ask for a %50 prepayment of total charge from customers who cleared model, details, price and decided to give order.  For this prepayment you can choose one of the offered payment methods.


After your order is completed with all required details, photos of the product will be served to you and confirmation of the order will be asked. With confirmation and after balance is paid, the ordered product will be sent by courier. We will contact with you about choosing the courier, information about courier company and fee will be given to you.


Please contact with us for all your other obsessed questions.

A: Muhtesip İskender Mah. Fevzi Paşa Cad. No:153/3 Fatih, İstanbul

T: 00 90 543 480 48 00